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Wylde Medicine

Welcome to the world of herbal medicine and natural health.

Herbal medicine is as old as the soil and as current as the medical research journal. A herbalist looks to employ whole plant medicine to support the whole person, not just looking at a symptom or condition. You may be surprised and delighted at just how thorough a herbal consultation is, at how individual each preparation is.


You may wish to see a herbalist for a range of issues that you would consider seeing a GP for, such as, but not limited to, reproductive health, stress, skin conditions, respiratory problems, allergies, digestive health, cardiovascular conditions as well as chronic illness, auto immune conditions and health maintenance.


As Western herbalists we draw on a rich tradition as well as on modern research.  We are trained in the medical areas of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, pharmacology as well as traditional herbal subjects of herbal materia medica and therapeutics, pharmacy, botany and photochemistry. Training in the Western tradition means that my practice is informed by medical knowledge as well as hundreds of years of traditional western herbal wisdom.