Conquer Thrush with Into the Wylde
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What Others Say

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Your tinctures and Mizan therapy have helped me to get my life back on track again. I was so drained and dis-empowered when I started coming to you after years of confusing intolerances and sickness, and now my digestive system is back on track and I have the energy to embrace life! Thank you!
— Vicki, Fundraiser, Hertfordshire
A big THANK YOU for making me feel soo much better :) - It’s not just the teas and tinctures, talking to you really is part of it - you understand and can interpret what I’m trying to get at - it really is completely transformative and wonderful!
— Nicola, Software Production Manager
Kathie recently helped treat my son’s cradlecap, with brilliant results. It’s so comforting to know that it’s completely natural. Highly recommended!
— Clare, Paediatric Nurse, Braintree, Essex
The herbal tea you prescribed for me - ok now this is awesome - first cup was like drinking a cup of ‘relax, focus and unwind’. I also love the taste !!! Bulls eye with this stuff - two cups in and I feel really chilled.. Amazing
— Thomas, Opera Lighting Designer, London
I remember that amazing tincture you made for my hacking cough, sorted me right out!
— Julie, Aromatherapist, London