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All About Abdominal Massage

This month I wanted to give you a window on what abdominal massage is, why I trained in it and what the benefits are.

Abdominal massage is a traditional massage, a version of which appears in many of the traditional healing systems around the world.  They are usually performed on women, but, due to the benefits for the digestive system can be helpful for men too. In our culture it can also be called Fertility or Womb Massage because it does confer a lot of benefits for the female reproductive organs and conditions, though not exclusively. It can also be of benefit for some digestive issues too. It mainly focuses on massage techniques on the abdomen or tummy area (NOT intimate areas), but also includes massage on the legs and back. Having the focus of a massage on your tummy area can feel strange for some women, and some people are unsure of having this area touched by another.  If you think about the culture we live in, this is not surprising - we are taught from a very young age to be at war with our bodies and our weight, and our tummies are often the epicentre for this ‘attack’.  Even on a subliminal level this powerful message can stay with us for a lifetime. We can hold a lot of this negative self criticism in this part of ourselves, but through abdominal massage we can begin to heal these narratives and reclaim our bodies.

So firstly I would say abdominal massage is a therapeutic tool for embodiment, to bring you back to your core, to bring you home in your body, to bring you back in touch with yourself. I have to say I often see a lot of deep and lasting healing work happen with the ladies who come for this treatment, that works beyond the time of the treatment. It is a gentle treatment of longevity.

Then, looking at the physiological benefits, it increases pelvic circulation, bringing blood to the area, and increasing elimination, both by increasing lymphatic drainage, and also elimination from the digestive tract.  Increasing pelvic circulation helps to feed the tissues and organs, improving their healing and ‘nutrition’. This is why it is often used for fertility. It can also be helpful for constipation, bloating, and candida infection.

However, the reason that I trained in it was to assist women in conquering thrush for good. You see by improving pelvic circulation you are assisting the body in elimination, healing and nourishing tissues that feed vaginal and vulval tissue, and is one of the therapeutic tools I use to help women who suffer recurrently. I also believe that getting in touch with this area - the part that is causing you so much unbearable irritation and burning - is key to helping combat it rather than numbing out - which can have a longer term impact on your sexuality and your feminine energy. So the benefits are multiple.

A massage takes around an hour, following a thorough case history, and I also teach you how to give yourself self care massage in-between your treatments to ensure you get the most benefit.

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