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A Meditation for Embodiment

As women our womb spaces are our seat of power, our creativity, and by connecting in we connect to our source. In our crazy busy modern world it can be difficult to tune in to our bodies in general let alone our wombs, but this is so important to do. So if you feel inclined to give it a go I've put together a simple exercise to help you find your way.

Start by finding some quiet time and space and lay down, a pillow under you head and one under your knees. Close your eyes and allow yourself to soften and relax as you breath deeply for several breaths. Place your hands flat, with thumbs and finger tips touching, creating a heart shape on your pubic bone but below your belly button, over your womb space. This is where she lies. As you breathe in, visualise that you are breathing in light, down through your heart and right down into your womb space. As you breathe out visualise the breath-light coming back up through your womb and your heart and then out again. Carry on for as long as you feel comfortable, creating a circuit of breath-light, relaxing into the practice and feeling your heart-womb connection.

When you are ready to end, thank yourself for being present and when you are ready, open your eyes and have a nice stretch and a wiggle to ground yourself. Return to your daily life, carrying your experience with you. Don't worry if you don't feel a connection the first time. It can take a few times before you feel it. Stick with it and see how you go! Let me know how you found this practice and if you would like to do more, in the comments below. Have a wonderful month.

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